Kayakalp Checklists
Kayakalp Checklists for DH,W&C,TH & CHC
Kayakalp Checklists for PHC & UPHC
Regarding Dresscode for JPHN/PHN/PHNS
Guideline for recording Temp of ILR/Deep freezer
Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places
No smoking Act
Amendment bill related to MTP ACT
Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act
Kerala Medical Legal Code
Guidelines for Management of Mercury Waste
Job responsibilites of Multipurpose staffs & Medical Officers
Govt.Order Quality Assurance
Govt.Order MLC Vicitm of Rape
Govt.Order MLC Protocol
Govt.Order Ardram
Govt.Order use ofany fund for quality assurance
Ethics regulations ( Indian Medical Council )
Code of Medical Ethics
Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2019
Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016
Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2018
Treatment Consent for Rape victim
Reporting format for Medico legal examination of survior of sexual offence
Protocol for examination of survior of sexual offence
Drug formulary
SQAC Meeting Minutes Heald on 13/02/2020
NQAS Accredited Institution List
KASH Accredited Institution List