Sl.No. Name Position Phone Number
1 Ms. Veena George Minister for Health & Family Welfare and Chairperson Governing Body
2 Dr. V Venu IAS Chief Secretary to Govt of Kerala & Co-Chairman, Governing Body
3 Dr. Rajan N Khobragade, IAS Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. (Health & Family Welfare)
4 Mr. Jeevan Babu K IAS State Mission Director
5 Ms. Bindu C M Director (Finance, NHM), Joint Secy. Finance (GoK) & Appellate Authority (RTI), NHM 907 268 1600
6 Ms. Bindu C M State HR & Administration Manager (In-charge) 907 268 1600
7 Ms.Bindu C M Chief Engineer(In-charge)
8 Dr. Lipsy Paul State Nodal Officer (Maternal Health)
9 Dr. Rahul U R State Nodal Officer (CH)
10 Dr. Shilpa Babu Thomas State Nodal Officer (M&E)
11 Dr. Lakshmi G G State Quality Assurance Officer
12 Dr. Abey Sushan State Urban Health Manager & SNO (HWC)
13 Dr. Arun P V State Nodal Officer (Projects)
14 Dr. Anoj S Consultant (AEFI)
15 Dr. Manu M S Public Health Specialist
16 Ms. Prabha George State Data Officer (Demographer)
 17 Dr. Amar Fettle State Nodal Officer (Adolescent Health)
18 Ms. Anisha Kumari M C State Accounts Manager
19 Mr. Prakash C P State Finance Manager
20 Dr. George K Philip State M&E Consultant
21 Ms. Seena K M Sr. Consultant (Social Development)
22 Mr. Sinosh K P Sr. Consultant (BCC)
23 Dr. Rajaram Kizhakke Kandiyil State TB Officer
24 Ms. Saly R IT Programmer
25 Dr. George K Philip State M&E Consultant 994 610 5756
26 Ms. Sujatha R.S Urban Health Finance Manager 994 610 5584
27 Ms. Beula G S Urban MIS Manager 994 635 9903
Disease Control Program (DCP)
28 Dr. Rajaram Kizhakke Kandiyil National Tuberculosis Elimination Program (NTEP)
29 Dr. Reetha K P Integrated Disease Surveillance Program & National Vector Borne Disease Control Program
30 Dr. Sheeja A L National Leprosy Eradication Program (NLEP) 944 694 5104
Non Communicable Disease (NCD)
31 Dr. Bipin K Gopal National Programme for Control of Blindness 994 610 5969
32 Dr. Sheeja Kamal National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Program (NIDDCP) 807 523 2540
 33 Dr. Kiran P.S National Mental Health Programme
34 Dr. Ajan M.J National Programme for Prevention and Management of Burn Injuries
35 Dr. Bipin K Gopal National Programme for Prevention and control of Fluorosis 994 610 5969
36 Dr. Vanaja V R National Programme for Control of Blindness 940 015 2835
37 Dr. Manoj G Nair National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness 974 505 0711
38 Dr. Manu M S National Program for climate change and human health 984 647 8793